The main problems with current abrasive blasting technology are very dusty and dangerous to work with.


 Because of the limitation of the dry abrasive blasting, some maintenance crew choose mechanical cleaning tool (grinder, wire brush, needle gun) to perform surface preparation job. These types of surface preparation methods do not provide satisfying result. The corrosion can come back very quickly in marine environment. 

To minimize dust during surface preparation, ultra high pressure hydro-jetting were adopted. However, the equipment is very expensive. This surface preparation does not provide good profile and the cleanliness is slightly better than mechanical tool cleaning. Not to mention it is very dangerous to work with this cleaning method. 

Introducing our wet abrasive blasting! Our equipment is compact, flexible and very easy to work with. It provide very clean surface like normal abrasive blasting but without creating dust to the environment. It only needs the air intake similar to normal dry abrasive blasting (100psi and 175cfm) and water!

Let’s see the result of the surface preparation. We clean metal surface better than ultra high pressure hydro-jetting. It removes rust and pitting completely. At the same time, it also feathers down the edge on the coating surface to provide better surface for painting application. 

Above are some of the examples of surface preparation done by our wet blasting system. It can remove all the rust, dirt and old coatings on any surface. Even on the very difficult to reach surfaces, our method still make the work easier than other cleaning tool.  
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